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About Us

SoL Harris/Day Architecture is a medium-size architectural and construction services firm located in North Canton Ohio. For over 40 years, our firm has provided services in the Educational, Commercial, Corporate, Industrial, Healthcare and Residential markets throughout Ohio and beyond. To better serve our clients and improve our control over cost, scheduling and design, our services include:

Architecture, Interior Design, Architectural Construction Services, Preservation, Sustainablility

SoL, the Latin word for sun, represents light and life and symbolizes the formalization of a new architectural design process. The SoL Experience, in which the human element is the foundation of design,  allows us to design buildings where "form follows people."  Formalizing the process is critical to ensure that people remain at the heart of every project.

Sustainable Design is at the core of our mission; we integrate 'green' strategies into every decision we make. Our LEED Accredited Professionals design for energy efficiency, product quality and durability, and minimal environmental impact. We create added value through the life of our building and for future generations.

Integrated Project Delivery is the emerging trend for more efficient project delivery. IPD integrates people, systems, business structures and practices into a collaborative process to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste and maximize efficiency of a project.

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the technology to enable IPD. BIM utilizes a 3D model enhancing graphic visualization, and is linked to a database of project information, developed during design and then utilized in the estimating, fabrication and construction process. Here at SoL Harris/Day Architecture, we use BIM on every project.

Our staff of 20 full-time architects, interns, interior designers, and construction personnel... all focused on 'people' and 'life'.

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    Because of SHD's pre-planning of the initial building, the YMCA is now reaping the benefits by saving time, drastically reducing construction costs (tens of thousands of dollars) and creating minimal disruption to the current facility operations.... Read More
  • 5th Annual Scholarship Awarded
    SHD awarded the 5th annual John E. Harris III 2014 Scholarship.... Read More

6677 Frank Avenue NW, North Canton, Ohio 44720 | ph: 330.493.3722 | fx: 330.493.5777